A busy week in Dublin..

November 2019

A busy week in Dublin..


I was honored to be asked to contribute to the inaugural Event of #Nosmalltalk. This is an initiative by a Dublin Writers group to address the use and misuse of language in our current times. As a British passport holder who has lived overseas too long to be eligible to vote, the discourse and headlines surrounding Brexit have filled me with a sense of hopelessness at times. I was more than willing to use my voice for this wonderful event.


On the next evening I was reading at the final Stacatto literary salon event in Toners Bar. Organised by Tanya Farrelly and David Butler, Staccato’s 42nd session was fabulous. I was delighted to read alongside Annemarie ni Churreain, Anne Griffin, David Butler and Anne Walsh Donnelly. A night to remember and as usual, I came home with more books than I’d sold.


My last event was very special indeed. To record in the UCD special collections library, for the Irish poetry archives, is no small honour. Ursula Byrne and the team were incredibly friendly and welcoming, while the professional hand of Eugene meant we managed 8 poems in one take. A truly unforgettable experience. 

And so concluded my poetry readings for 2019. Between upcoming christmas holidays, school exams for three teenagers, writing a few book reviews, finally finishing the childrens book in my files and generally.. writing some more poetry again (!), my next readings planned will be from April 2020 onwards in Berlin, Barcelona, Galway and perhaps even further afield.